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I thought that we were better friends
Until I read your letter filled with odd demands
It's like a pyramid scheme where no one makes money
It might be funny if I thought it was a joke

If I don’t spread this note around
Pass out these photocopies scattered on the ground
Maybe I’ll pull a muscle maybe catch pneumonia
Or fall into a coma never to wake up

You can't break the chain
Our souls are entwined

Damned if I do damned if I don't
I’m caught between uncertainty and broken bones
You'll never live it down if something happens to me
Sign it yours truly seal the contract with my blood

You can’t break the chain
Our souls are entangled
In words on a page
A man on a stage
Flies into a rage
The letter unsigned

I’ll stop this madness in the end
Suspecting darker days are just around the bend
Can’t bring myself to curse the people nearest to me
My dearest beauty bound by ink and written off


from Unsigned, released June 19, 2019


all rights reserved



Color Theory Huntington Beach, California

Somehow I never outgrew the 80s.

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