The Majesty of Our Broken Past

by Color Theory



It’s a running joke in classical music circles that composers die after completing their ninth symphony. If the album is the pop music equivalent, Brian Hazard of Color Theory beat the odds. But if a recording artist is going to put out a milestone tenth album, it had better be good.

Though the last two years were prolific, with a dozen single releases, a set of singles does not an album make. “Every great album is, in some sense, a concept album,” Hazard explains. “It tells a cohesive story with a beginning, middle, and end.” So he went back to the drawing board to rethink, rewrite, and rerecord, adding depth and dimension to the songs to create a definitive narrative.

The result is The Majesty of Our Broken Past, a melancholy synthwave collection that captures the 80s he grew up in: wonderful, even magical at times, yet wistfully desolate.


released September 14, 2018

Color Theory is Brian Hazard

All songs written, performed, and produced
by Brian Hazard (ASCAP) © 2018

Sax solo on 1 by Nathan Madsen
Backing vocals on 6-8 by Reidun Minde Janøy
Cover art by Sam Todhunter
Mastered by Resonance Mastering

Special thanks to patrons Leigh-Anne Fraser, Amy BuGoudi, Neil Barnes, spartan300diaz, John Mondick, Marushka, Page One Project, Joel Ollila, and Jonas Ahrentorp.


all rights reserved



Color Theory Huntington Beach, California

Somehow I never outgrew the 80s.

All major releases are here, including several not on Spotify. I also release at least one new song on Patreon every month, which you won't find here or anywhere else.

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Track Name: The Fifth of July
Gunpowder traces
Charcoal circles on the ground
Shot me with a Roman candle
You really shouldn’t fool around

We stood there barefoot
Sweating in the summer heat
As the rockets turned to rainbows
In the middle of our street

Now the smoke has cleared
The fireworks show is over
Steam and sulphur
Now the smoke has cleared
The days when we were closer
Ashes smolder
On the fifth of July

I count ten heartbeats
Face the heat of your red glare
How I'll miss these grand explosions
F-bombs bursting in the air

Now the smoke has cleared
The fireworks show is over
Steam and sulphur
Now the smoke has cleared
Declare your independence
Or pledge allegiance
Do you want to be free
From me
On the fifth of July?
Track Name: In Motion
Tell them I’m gone
And you don’t know where
That life is short
The world is unfair
Can’t weigh me down
I’m lighter than air

Been here too long
I’m leaving tonight
Wings on my feet
Prepare to take flight
A shooting star
A ribbon of light

It’s like a game
I have no sense of shame
The moment you blink's the moment I slip away

Cause I have to stay in motion
Climbing mountains, sailing oceans
The notion that I should stop
Ties my heart in knots
You say that you agree

Chasing the sun
And running from fame
I’ll fake my death
And take a new name
No two adventures
Are ever the same

You never knew
I had my eye on you
It’s easier to escape than to follow through

Cause I have to stay in motion
It’s a matter of devotion
The notion that I should stay
Wait what did you say?
You want to come with me?

Cause we have to stay in motion
Sailing mountains, climbing oceans
The notion of what we’ve got
Ties my tongue in knots
When galaxies collide
I’ll look you in the eye
Say I’m glad we shared the ride
Track Name: Glory Days
Nothing changes in the day by day
But then we look back
And nothing is the same
What do we cling to at the last?

Boring stories of foolish acts
Enlarged and embellished
Sealed and vacuum-packed
Best friends can't let go of the past

A life in Technicolor
Beyond the ever after
A yellowed Polaroid
Can’t fill the aching void
Of glory days
Glory days

Crushed by the absolute fact
That things can never go back
To how they used to be
Accept wholeheartedly
The glory days
Those were the glory days

Wasn’t ready to come of age
Still waiting for my shot at center stage
Too immature to let it go

I’m inclined to take the longer view
The future me seeking out the future you
Forever hunting high and low

It isn’t all bad, getting older
Waited years to kiss you
Wasted away
And now I do it every day

And if you can’t recall
We’ll just redo it all
The glory days
These are the glory days.
Track Name: In Space, No One Can Hear You Cry
I am a non-critical system
Stuck on an overcritical rock
Lacking the skills, knowledge or training
To qualify as an astronaut
But could I be a passenger?
Stowaway or cargo?

In space no one can hear you cry
I smile and mouth the word goodbye
I’ll seek out a colony
Whichever one will take me
Take me to the stars

An object in motion stays in motion
An object at rest stays at rest
Sound waves can't travel in a vacuum
And nobody passes my empathy test
But I don’t need an audience
Loneliness beats ignorance any day

In space no one can hear you cry
A satellite to resupply
I’ll survey the galaxy
Hitchhiking from rover to rover
Take me to the stars

In space no one can hear you cry
Self-conscious of their naked eyes
If you join in my fantasy
I promise to accept you.
Track Name: Classic
I lose myself
In beautiful things
Does a butterfly die
If you tear off its wings?
It’s not jealousy
In the classical sense

I’m black and blue
Come tickle me pink
The memories smile
Lift me out of the drink
It’s not suffering
In the classical sense

The wildest extreme at seventeen
Now it’s a classic
Can’t blink out the dust in my eyes
I’m half alive
Marooned in traffic

These streets of old
I wander with you
With a hole in my heart
And a rock in my shoe
But I know the way
In the classical sense
In the factual sense

So dress me down
I’m going out of style
But you’re not coming with me
No not by a mile
You were pretty then
You’re beautiful now
You’re beautiful now

The wildest extreme at seventeen
Now it’s a classic
Can’t blink out the dust in my eyes
I’m half alive
Wrapped up in plastic

The throwaway scene at seventeen
Now it’s a classic
Old classmates name-dropping like flies
The facile lies
Bleeding nostalgic.
Track Name: Deathwish
Let’s get this out of the way
I want to state clearly right here
I have no intention to die
But sometimes impulses appear

I get the sudden urge
To jump in front of trains
Or steer the car into
The opposing lane
And like a fleeting itch
I’ve got a deathwish

As I’m here talking to you
It’s obviously safe to assume
That I’m not impulsive enough
To act on these fancies of doom

But don’t be surprised to find
Me standing on a ledge
Looking down over that seductive edge
Hypnotized by “what if”
I’ve got a deathwish

If my mind can think it
Does that mean it may come true?
I want to live, I want to die

I guess it’s alright
To wonder what's
On the other side

If you’re a victim of
These crazy sorts of thoughts
You fear you’re alone out there
But clearly not
Into the dark abyss
We’ve got a deathwish.
Track Name: The Future You Is Forever
Someday we’ll return here
Aching for this moment, this night
The awareness hits me
Soft but brutal like kids in a pillow fight
But let’s keep it together
And pretend we don’t know the truth

Everything will change
Nothing stays the same
The future you is forever

Our entangled fingers
Tremble as we take our first breath
The nostalgia lingers
Like the sound of your voice on a worn cassette
But I know things can never
Be the way that they used to be

But when the mountain crumbles
And monuments to love collapse
We’ll celebrate together
The majesty of our broken past
For now let’s act our age
Embrace the glory days

You’ll wake up tomorrow
At the top of the radio dial
And make fun of the music
I’m the first to admit that it’s not my style
But for now I’m content
To tap my fingers and sing along.
Track Name: Untouchable
How can you lie there sound asleep
So vulnerable atop the sheets
Indifferent to your nakedness
Wide open yet mysterious
Immaculately conquerable
Explicitly consensual
I could touch you anywhere
And you wouldn’t wake up

Your body is mine for the taking
But something inside me is breaking
You’re completely untouchable
Who are you?

My finger strokes your abdomen
Our bodies scream for oxygen
The air is thin in paradise
Are you prepared to pay the price?
You gasp and giggle in your sleep
I offer up my soul to keep
The spirits smile on us tonight
My flawless plaything

I worship you
I pray at your altar
Who do you cling to
In the comfort of your mind?
Choke down my pride
I’m better than this
But I can’t deny myself.