by Color Theory



Six years in the making, the 9th full-length Color Theory album features the best 11 originals from the three Adjustments EPs, fine-tuned and remastered for optimum audio fidelity.

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released May 27, 2016

Color Theory is Brian Hazard

All songs written, performed, and produced
by Brian Hazard (ASCAP) © 2016

Backing vocals on 4, 8 by Michelle Hazard
Stockholm subway ambience captured by Jan-Erik Saarinen
Design by Dave Pasciuto
Mastered by Resonance Mastering

Special thanks to Jason O'Donnell and Richard Young


all rights reserved



Color Theory Huntington Beach, California

Somehow I never outgrew the 80s.

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Track Name: A Work in Progress
This is my unfinished symphony
Yes it's a little pretentious
But humor me
Try not to laugh
I'll fix it in a second
In the second draft
Like a promise from a lifelong friend
The process has a beginning but no clear end
This isn't math

It's hard enough to collect my thoughts
With all the rules of behavior
The shoulds and oughts that guide our ways
Confused like hamsters circling
In a dead end maze
Wrapped up in cosmic uncertainty
Our actions trailing off into infinity
Like summer rays

We're still imperfect but we've grown
A broken contraption
Flesh and bone
Making it up as we go along
In formless fleeting moments of magnificence
Remember nothing we are is set in stone
We're still imperfect but we've grown
Homeless at heart
Everything is temporary
Chasing perfection on the road to damnation
Without a script or storyline
Forever a work in progress

Sometimes I catch myself mid-mistake and wonder
"If I twist this that way will it break?"
And then it does
Don't ask me why I did it
I'll say "just because"
Failure to act or participate
Is like expecting to high five the hand of fate
In latex gloves

Better to ask for forgiveness than permission
Better when faced with a proposition
Start with yes
There will be time to question
Time to second guess
Sometimes the mind has to disengage
Or fear will rattle the bars of your mental cage
And stage your death.
Track Name: Headphones
We're private in public
As everyone stares down at their tech
It's hard not to notice
The neon cord dangling from my neck
But somehow this less than subtle clue
Appears to have no effect on you

Don't want to talk right now
Can't you see I've got my headphones on?
I'm pointing at my ear
What was that?
No I can't...
I'd rather not hear you
If I'm being honest
Don't want to talk right now
Can't you see I've got my headphones on?

I'm not antisocial
But usually I'd rather be alone
So if you're looking for conversation
Then maybe it's time to buy a phone
So what if the music isn't on?
I'm sending a signal
Move along

Like I said before I...
Track Name: What You Said
What you said was too rude to repeat
What you said made me squirm in my seat
What you said was a showcase of wit
What you said was a box office hit

So you think that you're above me
Well you're obviously high
So you think that you can snub me
Look me right in the eye
Uh oh bang bang you're dead
Shame you said what you said

What you said dragged my name through the mud
What you said left me thirsty for blood
What you said in your head
Maybe seemed innocent to you
But instead what you said hurt
Even more because it was true

So you think that you're above me
You've forgotten your place
So you think that you can snub me
Say the words to my face
Uh oh bang bang you're dead
Shame you said what you said

So you think that you're above me
Don't get carried away
So you think that you can snub me
Better watch what you say
Uh oh bang bang you're dead
Shame you said what you said.
Track Name: The Best Revenge
Teach me a lesson
A wound at your hands
And justice demands that I
Should pay attention
Vengeance is fine
But who has the time?

Call me a coward
Go on the attack
I won't fight you back
Or grant you any power
An eye for an eye
Leaves everyone blind
A tooth for a tooth
Is dental abuse

No I won't chase down a hit and run
Throw my life off track for anyone
Moving on is the best revenge

A minor uproar
An insult to you
That karma and voodoo dolls
Can not atone for
A prisoner of war
You'll settle the score
A lack of control
That eats at your soul

Stardust falls from the sky tonight
Let your guard down and feel it
Really feel it.
Track Name: Playing Favorites
Everyone has a favorite band
Favorite book, favorite film,
Favorite brand
Not me, I don't believe in that
Hey, it's true!
What are you laughing at?

Because I'm more than just a set of likes
Because I won't get caught up in the hype
You go on ahead and spread your top ten list
As for me, I'm sure mine won't be missed

Credit where credit is due
I'm playing favorites with you
A favorite perfume
A favorite dress
A favorite reason to be obsessed

There's no accounting for my taste
When your aim is to claim it's misplaced
Give me reasons instead of ranks
No more multiple choice
Fill those blanks!

You say you want to get to know me well
So if you want I'll promise not to tell
I'm the one to spill your guilty pleasures to
This request is a test
Think it through

There's one exception to every rule
To fall in love takes a certain sort of fool.
Track Name: Slot Machine
Maybe tonight
Maybe not for awhile
The odds are not that high
On any one day
But I know our luck too well
To just walk away

Maybe tonight
Maybe not for awhile
It's not gambling when you know
You're going to win
When you and I spend time
The reels start to spin

Then we're busy doing nothing
Immersed in a boring routine
The tiniest readjustment
And like a slot machine
The magic is back
We're like a slot machine
That always pays back

Maybe tonight
Maybe not for awhile
You know we'll strike it rich
Just have a little faith
In our chemistry

And just as I start to wonder
When payoffs are far and between
We can't shake the spell we're under
Then like a slot machine
It's cherries and bells
We're like a slot machine
And everything's well

The one thing in my life
That always holds true
I hit the jackpot when
I hooked up with you.
Track Name: Productivity
There was a time in history
Your next meal was a mystery
If you were lucky you might catch a fish
But we have Amazon now
No need for brains or brawn now
Your wish list to your door in just one click

Pointless productivity
I sit behind a screen
My fingers span the inches
In a blaze of inactivity
For hours every day
I dare to call it work

Relentless innovation
Requires concentration
To thrive in this knowledge economy
My digital creations
Have no physical manifestation
I deal in intellectual property

Our avatars
In silhouette
Addicted to
The internet
We type and type
But never sweat

Our bellies stuffed
Defining sloth
And gluttony
We die too soon
But live like kings

For now let's just enjoy it
No reason to avoid it
Who needs an extra gear to coast downhill?
Succumb, my couch potato
Adopt my humble credo
And watch the world revolve while we sit still

Pointless productivity
I sit behind a screen
My fingers span the inches
In a blaze of inactivity
I exercise my mind
And laugh to call it work.
Track Name: Drive You Home
Motivation fades
The clock is ready to call it a day
When a charming guest
Is escorted straight to my desk
With a modest request
So begins the chase
You live on the way back to my place
Could I spare a ride?
I'm overly quick to oblige

Yes I'll drive you home
Your home
Wherever you'd like to go
Yes I'll drive you home
Your home
I'm wanting to get to know you better

A well-oiled machine
We've coasted into a pleasant routine
Talking all the way
We always have something to say
The best part of my day
Making hasty plans
To go hear one of our favorite bands
Saved our ticket stubs
It's obvious we are in love

Yes I'll drive you home
My home
Wherever you'd like to go
Yes I'll drive you home
My home
I'm wanting to spend the night together

You kick up your feet
Reclining into the passenger seat
As you start to snore
I quietly lock both the doors
To keep you safely on board
Finally set a date
A ceremony to commemorate
The horizon's glare
The thrill of the wind in our hair

Yes I'll drive you home
Our home
Wherever you'd like to go
Yes I'll drive you home
Our home
I'm ready to spend our lives together.
Track Name: The Motions
A fragile tower once rose by my bed
A handy place to stack the books I read
But now the seven basic plot designs
Betray the endings of their storylines
At the first sign

There's no thrill left in the ride
Could we be happy?
Could we be happy?
Heard/seen/done it all a thousand times
Could we be happy
Could we be happy just going
Through the motions

Once every pop song took me by surprise
A rush of goose bumps led to teary eyes
But now it's easy to predict the rhymes
And sing along with every other line
On the first try

We used to see a couple films a week
When life was simple and the seats were cheap
We could have walked out but we never did
We should have talked it out instead of hid
Stupid kids

Don't even ask about falling in love
You already know what I'll say
You're perfect on paper
But spoiler alert
We all turn the page.
Track Name: OBE
Grew up absorbed in New Age schemes
Astral projection and lucid dreams
Believing every word I read
How you could leave your body in your bed and
Explore the world invisibly
Just think of all the things that you could see
The answer key, the locker room
Turns out the book author was sniffing glue, but

Being with you is an out of body experience
There's a buzz in my head
And a vague sense of dread
Then the vibrations start
And I'm coming apart
Paralyzed locked in place
As I'm floating through space
Unconfined yet connected to you

Tried a few times to no avail
Before I let go of paranormal fairy tales
I'd breathe so fast I'd sweat and shake
Probably started to hallucinate
I never thought I'd relive that thrill
Like drinking caffeine with a sleeping pill
But here you are and now it's back
Between a coma and a heart attack.
Track Name: The Light Inside
Go on ahead
Don't you wait for me
It's too late for me
There's no guarantee
How I'll feel
There's something wrong inside my brain
Something that I can't contain
Wish I could explain

The radio
Argues with my inner voice
Nothing more than background noise
Funny what the mind enjoys
When it's wild
Panic at the grocery store
Everything is a such a chore
What was it like before?

I pretend to hide
A light inside
But it's just one more lie
Don't give a damn about me
My eyes have dried
Mourning the light inside

I smile and say
Everything's alright with me
So if you want to fight with me
If you want reality
Get in line
Stuck on every simple choice
Things that used to bring me joy
Now just broken toys

Can't fall asleep
Can't focus on TV
But it's even worse for me
To let my mind run free
An empty man
With time on his hands

If there's something I could do
To make things easier for you
Nothing's too much
For someone I love
Yes I can still love
Yes I can still love.